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U-turn 100 m ahead. But how far is my turn?


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The same place from previous post but not the same time with the difference view. This view before enter to Din Dang underpass in the evening of quite normal day in Bangkok.

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“Snop” / Shot with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone

This is my 8-month old male beagle, called Snop. If you are party people in Bangkok, as you think, this is the same name of Snop at Ratchada Soi 4. I bring him back to my home the day after I have some party at Muse, another pub on Thong Lo Soi 10. First of all, I don’t have any idea about his name so I asked my friend to help me think. He suggested me to called my dog as the same name as pub I went the night before. I think Muse is not cool name for male dog so I try other name, actually others pub’s name. Finally, Snop was the best as I though. Even his name like pub but he dose not drink any alcohol 😉

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Evening Sky

“Evening Sky” / Shot with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone

Something I can do when I have bad feeling is look up in to the sky. I like to sit back and watch something with slow movement to clear up my mind. This shot was taken yesterday after my dinner on the road on the way back home. Hope you guy have a great weekday and feel better than me.

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Night Street

“Street@Night” / Shot with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone

This week, I post lots of night photo on my blog. Street at night has lots of light from cars on the road and shops from beside the road. Watching light and people at night is one thing I like. See the movement of the city, which you can enjoy everyday if you have sometime. This shot taken at the same place of yesterday post, BTS Phrom Phong Station. This is the opposite site of Sukhumvit Road, odd number of Soi side.

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Bangkok Skyline

“Bangkok Skyline” / Shot with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone

View from BTS Phrom Phong Station around The Emporium Shopping Complex, Sukhumvit 22. Just walk slowly on the street, you may see something difference. Just stop to look around, you may see something beautiful. Just slow down your life, something special may occur. Enjoy living in the city of angels.

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“Sunset”/ Shot with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone

This picture taken on the way back home at Ram Inthra – At Narong Express Way around 6pm. The Sun is very big and very beautiful but I can’t get that beautiful scene with my mobile phone camera. This is the best picture I have. This picture taken around Saturday evening and there was cloudy that day and I feel the cold weather is coming.  I hope the weather still cold until the end of the month.

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