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“Industrial Ring Bridge #2 / Shot with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone”

Another view of Industrial Ring Bridge from Samut Prakarn Province. There are a little park under the bridge beside the river. Lots of interesting view can be take around here. The picture is not so clear because I shot from my car’s window which very dirty ;).


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“Reflection” / Shot with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone

About a year ago, I post something like this picture in Before heavy rain topic. Today this is the same kind of picture but not before the rain, but before sunset. I quite like this picture, I shot this picture only once with my mobile phone and the result is really good for me. The picture taken around Sathon area in the evening with lots of traffic as usually.

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“Terminal” / Shot with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone

Today is the second time I go to the airport. I have some emergency case from my customer here in the afternoon. I take this picture after I finished my job around 8 pm. On Sunday I will go to the airport again because my friend will go to Germany to do some research for 6 months. Next week is the forth time I have to go there again to meeting with my customer. I feel very exciting once the first time I come here but not for now.

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“Landing” / Shot with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone

Accidentally, this picture has taken on the way to my customer’s site at Suvarnabhumi Airport. I drove on the road beside the airport while this plane was landing . As soon as I saw the plane, I grabbed my mobile phone quickly and took the picture as you see. Luckily, I can take this picture in time before the plane will out of my mobile phone focus. Actually, I think the plane was bigger, as I saw in front of my car, than this in the picture. Anyway I use this road often and think I have to take some picture of the plane while it take off or landing around here someday. Finally, I can today even this is not the perfect picture as I think, but this is the best I can.

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Berry Season


“Red-Berry”/ Shot with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone

 The season of berries is coming. A variety of berry fruits can be found from supermarket in the city to street market in suburb area. You can find both product from local farmer in the northern to imported product from foreign country. After this season you can find only imported fruit in the major supermarket. So this is the best part of the year who love this kind of fruits. Enjoy eating.

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The brand new photo blog of Bangkok Daily Life has already Beta open at http://bkkdailylife.tumblr.com/. I still update this website in parallel with the new one. You can still visit this site during I test function of the new website. I maybe move this photo blog to the new website when I finish testing and if I think I love it. The moving date will be announce after I make the decision. Thank you for your visiting.

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“Blue” / Shot with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone

After the rain few days ago we have already back to normal condition, hot and sunshine. This photo has taken at my home after my lunchtime on Friday. I love clear blue sky, it’s fresh and lively. But one thing I don’t like (sometimes I really hate) is the heat. It’s not comfortable time when you in hurry with the temperature like this. But it’s still good to go out and have a picnic, isn’t it ^^.

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