“Shabushi” / Shot with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone



“BTS” / Shot with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone

BTS or Bangkok Mass Transit System is one of the most efficient way to travel around err… actually in the heart of Bangkok. Not cover most population in Bangkok but still the best to travel around business area. Every train have advertisement outside and inside. You can enjoy with err… annoying TV ads from LCD inside every bogies. This picture shot at the last station of Silom Line, Wongwian Yai Station.


“Blur” / Shot with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone

I want to take a picture in Din Daeng underpass, along middle of the Asoke-Din Daeng Road, is the first underpass in Bangkok in 1996 (source from this website: Open in PDF). It run from the Victory Monument pass under First Stage Express Way to Asoke. Nowadays, there are many underpasses and overpasses in Bangkok to ease the traffic conjunction but we still stuck more than an hour on the road with no reason on the rush hour. The picture is quite blur because lack of light and shot with night mode in running car (by me). But I still like it.


“Reflection” / Shot with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone

About a year ago, I post something like this picture in Before heavy rain topic. Today this is the same kind of picture but not before the rain, but before sunset. I quite like this picture, I shot this picture only once with my mobile phone and the result is really good for me. The picture taken around Sathon area in the evening with lots of traffic as usually.

Theme day: Wood

February 2010 theme day: Wood / Shot with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone

Wood, On the floor, at TCDC Library for this month theme day. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants


“Terminal” / Shot with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone

Today is the second time I go to the airport. I have some emergency case from my customer here in the afternoon. I take this picture after I finished my job around 8 pm. On Sunday I will go to the airport again because my friend will go to Germany to do some research for 6 months. Next week is the forth time I have to go there again to meeting with my customer. I feel very exciting once the first time I come here but not for now.

Road Way

“Road Way” / Show with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone

This road is along beside Suvarnabhumi Airport. I don’t know the name but I like it a lot. First, this road has not much traffic all the time so I can drive with more than 120 km/h (faster than speed limit at 80 km/h). Once I have drive over 160 km/h on the night. Second, if you drive here on the night, you can see the light from the airport. Especially in the winter, if the weather cold, this is one of the romantic place for driving with couple, drive with light and cool wind. Last, you can see the plane landing or take off closely beside the road.