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Royal Crematorium #3

“Sky” / Shot with Olympus µ 840

Today is the last day of The Royal Crematorium series in my blog and tomorrow will be the last day of the exhibition at Sanam Luang site. I close the series with this picture which I don’t know what it is 😉 but I love colour and light of the sky.


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Royal Crematorium #2

“Heavenly Beings” / Shot with Olympus µ 840

The base of Royal Crematorium is in two levels. The first level is decorated with figures of heavenly beings in a kneeling position holding Bangsaek, the ceremonial fan, in their hands around the outside. Inside (far left in the picture) is figures of heavenly beings standing and holding royal paraphernalia in his hands. There are stairs bring to the first level on four sides and also from the first levels to the second level, called the crematorium base, from four directions.

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Royal Crematorium

“Royal Crematorium” / Shot with Olympus µ 840

The Royal Crematorium or Phra Main is the main part of The Royal Cremation Ceremony site which I surely think every people who visit the exhibition most want to see and take the picture. Long line of hundreds of people queue up to take a picture close to the Royal Crematorium can be seen along the day until the exhibition close at night. In the night, The Royal Crematorium (as I think) is the most beautiful scene of the day with lights and background of The Grand Palace.

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“Flower” / Shot with Olympus µ 840

After the Royal Cremation of Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana was held in November 14 – 19, the ceremonial site is open to public from 18 November to 30 November at Sanam Luang. People around the country come to this site to show the respect and to see the ancient royal tradition. Many flowers is decorated around the site and this is one of them which I don’t know its name both in Thai and English. This post is the series of Rattanakosin Island as I mention in my previous post, start the series with these exhibition. Tomorrow I will show you more about the ceremonial site and the main attraction for almost people, The Royal Crematorium or “Phra Main”. I try to explain more about the site but I still don’t know exactly about everything so if you want to know more try this.

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BookExpo 2008

“BookExpo 2008 @ QSNCC” / Shot with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone

Previous research (Source from BK Magazine: Fri, May 16, 2008) Thais age 10+ spent 4.4% of their spare time to read while in developed countries spent 30% of spare time. Thais schoolchildren read 7 lines of text a day, the official would like every person to read 12 lines a day (!?!?!). 2 is numbers of books Thais purchase per year compare to 60 books for Vietnamese. What on earth is going on ? Every year we have a book expo or book festival or book fair or whatever around the year. You can see lots of Thai go to shop all kind of discount books. There are many book stores and publishers in this exhibition. You can shop for all of catagories, Art, Children, Computer, Comic, Health, Fiction, Travel and whatever, almost absolutely in Thai language. There are few of foreign books shop in this fair, you can buy a very cheap price old edition books. The fair will be held at least 2 times with difference name but the main event is still the same, discount book expo. Don’t miss this fair if you are the bookworm or if you want to see some crowd this place is the best to visit. Access by MRT Queen Sirikit Center Station. No admission fee.

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