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Wat’s cat


“Wat’s cat” / Shot with Canon EOS450D (Credit by NaNnY)

Today’s picture is from my friend, NaNny. She took this picture in Wat (or temple) around Rattanakosin Island. This area is the oldest part of the city. Located along Chao Phraya River, the major river in Thailand and also in Bangkok. This part is the main historical attraction of the city, which someday I will introduce you about the series of the important place of this area (when I have some time). This cat is (I guess) live in the temple, which we will call them “Maew Wat” or “Temple’s cat” which mean the homeless cat live in the Wat. You may see some dogs and cats around any temple in Bangkok because this is the place the pet’s owner left their pet when they don’t want them anymore. Homeless dogs and cats are one of the problem in Bangkok, You may see them around the city even in the main business district area.


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0 km/hr

0811081 “0 Km/Hr” / Shot with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone

Again and again, maybe this is the series of traffic jam in Bangkok. The good news is I can take some picture of something to publish in my blog 😉 For positive thinking practice, you can do a lot of thing when you spend your time in your car, for example, you can thinking about your future, practice your singing (if you don’t mind about surrounding people that watching you), thinking about home renovation and anything you want to do. So, in any boring situation, there are the good and bad things that you can do depend on your creativity. What is today’s blog meaning, anyone know ?

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Before heavy rain


“Phayathai Road from my car” / Shot with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone

It was Wednesday afternoon before heavy rain. I spent at least 20 minutes before I got the green light and can move my car. This ordinary traffic jam can occur any day and any time especially in the rainy day. One thing I can do is just sit back and relax, listening to the radio or CD and singing in my car. I hope heavy rain throghout this week will be the last and then cold wind from the north will coming. The Meteorological Department forecast this winter will be colder than last year in 2-3 degree, that’s mean we will meet the cold wind in average 17-18 degree till February the year. This is good news for Bangkok, one of the hottest city in the world. I will looking forward to meet you, winter 😀 .

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“View from my Hospital’s room” / Shot with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone

I just recover and back from the hospital cause of Dengue Fever yesterday. I have amitted to the hospital since last Tuesday (21) and it was very boring. I had a fever about 39 degree for 3 – 4 days and after that I had low platelet levels. I can’t eat anything and always throw everything up for 2 days (very suffer 😦 ). Dengue Fever can be found over the country and around the region. It can transfer to human by mosquito so if you go outside beware of mosquito especially in rainy season. Try this if you want more information.

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