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“Blur” / Shot with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone

Saturday’s weather was not good again. We still had mostly cloudy in the morning and storm in the afternoon to the evening. This weather is bad condition for driver like you see in the picture. Everything look blur when you drive and very dangerous if you take the picture while you still driving in this condition like me. After the heavy rain we have a little basin beside the road that make you hard to drive because of the water. We couldn’t see the sun throughout the day. I hope after the storm we will meet the cold weather more than ever (I really love it).


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0 km/hr

0811081 “0 Km/Hr” / Shot with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone

Again and again, maybe this is the series of traffic jam in Bangkok. The good news is I can take some picture of something to publish in my blog 😉 For positive thinking practice, you can do a lot of thing when you spend your time in your car, for example, you can thinking about your future, practice your singing (if you don’t mind about surrounding people that watching you), thinking about home renovation and anything you want to do. So, in any boring situation, there are the good and bad things that you can do depend on your creativity. What is today’s blog meaning, anyone know ?

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