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“Blue” / Shot with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone

After the rain few days ago we have already back to normal condition, hot and sunshine. This photo has taken at my home after my lunchtime on Friday. I love clear blue sky, it’s fresh and lively. But one thing I don’t like (sometimes I really hate) is the heat. It’s not comfortable time when you in hurry with the temperature like this. But it’s still good to go out and have a picnic, isn’t it ^^.


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“Blur” / Shot with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone

Saturday’s weather was not good again. We still had mostly cloudy in the morning and storm in the afternoon to the evening. This weather is bad condition for driver like you see in the picture. Everything look blur when you drive and very dangerous if you take the picture while you still driving in this condition like me. After the heavy rain we have a little basin beside the road that make you hard to drive because of the water. We couldn’t see the sun throughout the day. I hope after the storm we will meet the cold weather more than ever (I really love it).

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Before heavy rain


“Phayathai Road from my car” / Shot with Nokia N70 Mobile Phone

It was Wednesday afternoon before heavy rain. I spent at least 20 minutes before I got the green light and can move my car. This ordinary traffic jam can occur any day and any time especially in the rainy day. One thing I can do is just sit back and relax, listening to the radio or CD and singing in my car. I hope heavy rain throghout this week will be the last and then cold wind from the north will coming. The Meteorological Department forecast this winter will be colder than last year in 2-3 degree, that’s mean we will meet the cold wind in average 17-18 degree till February the year. This is good news for Bangkok, one of the hottest city in the world. I will looking forward to meet you, winter 😀 .

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